What to Ask Before Hiring a Painter

You know your home or business needs a professional paint job, and you understand the value that professional painters bring to the job. Now comes one of the most important steps: choosing the right company to perform the work. Interior painting and exterior painting are tasks that require special expertise and preparation. Before you hire a painter, make sure you get answers to these questions.

A reputable company will be willing to answer your questions about their experience, know-how and past work. Ask the company to show you examples of their work. Ask if they can provide testimonials, references or reviews. Knowing how prior customers felt about their work is a good way to gauge how your experience is likely to go. Experienced painters take pride in their service and will be happy to share their qualifications with you.

You most likely have a specific budget for your paint job, and getting an estimate is an essential part of the decision-making process. When you ask for an estimate, make sure the company can explain to you how they arrived at the figure they’re quoting. If you’ve gotten multiple estimates and one company is higher, find out why. Perhaps they are using higher quality materials or they have a particular area of expertise that other companies don’t. If you don’t understand everything that’s included in the estimate, ask.

Interior painting and exterior painting are different types of jobs and as such they require different tools and skills. Ask the painting company about their techniques and how they ensure their work will endure. Inquire about warranties and any follow-up assistance they may offer after the job is done.

Painters who excel are those who encourage your questions and are ready to answer them. Don’t be shy about asking all the questions you need before you hire a company to paint your home or office. Finding the right company makes all the difference.