This Is What You Should Ask Your Drywall Contractor

Getting a professional for drywall installation is a must if you want the best results possible. Perfect drywall adds major style to room décor with crisp corners and smooth ceilings. How can you pick the best drywall company or general contractors? Here are three questions you should always ask:

1. Are Your Installers Licensed?

You’re not paying someone to use your home as a practice area for teaching drywall installation. You want the best work, period. It’s not unreasonable to expect EACH MEMBER of the contractor’s team to be professionally licensed in construction. This gives you confidence that the job will be done correctly and expertly.

State licenses have to be kept up to date to be valid, so they’re also proof that a drywall company is knowledgeable about the latest techniques. There are specific building codes that have to be followed, so you want a team that knows exactly what to do.

2. Is Your Team Experienced?

Few things have as big an effect on incredible drywall as decades of experience. Pros put up better drywall, produce cleaner joints and leave surfaces impeccably smooth. There’s no substitute for expertise. If possible, look for a drywall installation company with at least a decade in business.

Be careful with the “combined experience” trick. To make the numbers look bigger, some contractors add the total years of the members of their team, pulling “25 combined years of experience” from a company that has only been in business for a few years.

3. Is Your Company Properly Insured?

Don’t let anyone touch your house unless they’re bonded and insured. That way you’re not responsible for any damages or accidents that occur during the project. Professional installers ALWAYS carry insurance and they’re happy to let you know it.

Don’t feel bad about asking these pointed questions. True professionals aren’t bothered by them. In fact, experts are happy to show off the quality of their services. Another way to feel confident you’ve found the best drywall contractors is to request referrals. Expert contractors often keep a list of satisfied customers and a portfolio of before and after photos.