The Last Residential Painting Preparation Guide You’ll Ever Need

When homeowners feel restless and unsatisfied with the look and feel of their property, adding a fresh coat of paint to a few rooms could turn the situation around. To get the most favorable results from residential painting professionals, homeowners can prepare their rooms to look their best with a quick guide. 

Room Preparation

A majority of a painting project involves preparing the space. Homeowners can move all furniture and valuables from rooms to protect them from paint spatters and unnecessary accidents. Anything too cumbersome to move may only need a drop cloth or old linen for protection. It’s also a great idea to use plastic covers for floors, carpets, tile and other surfaces. 

Surface Preparation

Painting goes a long way in covering some wall damage, but it cannot cover up everything. Holes in the wall may require an application of spackling paste, and loose and cracked plaster could only need a knife and plaster paste before painting experts get to work.

Cleaning & Degreasing Preparation

Before tackling a residential painting project, it’s good to clean all trims, ceilings, walls and doors. That way, surfaces are free of bothersome stains and dirt and ready for a fresh coat of paint. Stubborn stains may need an application of laundry detergent and warm water to come clean. If so, a follow-up wipe of warm water helps get rid of left-over soap and grime. The cleaner the surface, the greater the paint job looks.

Paint Preparation

The right paint makes all the difference in how a paint job turns out. To narrow their options, homeowners should select a quality primer that helps the paint coat surfaces evenly and stick to the walls. It also makes more sense to choose matte paint for badly damaged walls and walls with imperfections, as glossy paint often enhances blemishes.

A quality residential painting job can make a home feel brand-new. When homeowners know the right way to prepare their homes, they increase their chances of enjoying exemplary results.