The Benefits of Residential Painting for Home Value

A beautiful home is a smart investment, both financially and personally. When your home is attractive inside and outside, it’s more appealing to potential buyers. Residential painting can give a house curbside appeal and attract interest right away. A colorful exterior also helps to bring your design vision to life. How can you maximize the benefits of painting your home?

Think About Your Preferred Design Style

Although some people view the inside and outside of the home as two different canvases, the feel of your house is better when you have a cohesive style. Let your personality come through in the colors you choose for exterior paint and accents. Some combinations have a classic feel, and others look elegant. Whether you’re into contemporary, retro or artistic, there are great color palettes you can choose from.

Try to follow the same overall theme that you have inside the home. If your style is minimalist for interiors, choose a neutral tone for exterior paint. That way, potential buyers or visitors are treated to a great view as they enter the home.

Choose Professional Residential Painting

Like many things that are worth investing in, interior and exterior paint look much better when a professional handles things. Painting experts pay incredible attention to detail, providing ultrasmooth finishes and high-quality work that lasts ages.

One big difference has to do with preparation. Professionals spend a lot of time preparing worksurfaces correctly. Here are some of the tasks that may be included:

  • Pressure washing exteriors
  • Performing minor repairs and/or caulking
  • Applying mildew-killing solutions
  • Getting rid of loose paint
  • Sanding exteriors completely
  • Applying high-quality primer
  • Painting the house

The result is a gorgeous painted exterior that attracts attention and enhances the look and feel of your home. When you do residential painting right, surfaces stay beautiful and resist moisture.