Simplifying the Creation of Your Commercial Painting Budget

Trying to budget for your commercial painting needs isn’t always straightforward. However, it’s in your power to simplify the process.

Consider the Various Departments Benefitting From the Work

Maybe you currently have limited funds in your maintenance budget. That’s especially likely if storms or other unexpected events caused your company to spend more than planned. However, in such cases, it’s worthwhile to remember how many departments in your company could benefit from the effects of a new commercial paint job. For example, a new paint job gives an updated look, and could attract more customers for sales or specialty services. Perhaps other company segments have the necessary budget.

See Painting as Preventative Maintenance

Hiring professionals for your commercial painting needs is about more than making your business look nicer. The decision can also help you avoid other maintenance-related expenditures by preventing damage to the underlying surface. Viewing exterior paint that way often makes it easier to justify the money spent, even if the upfront costs are initially a bit challenging to fit into the budget.

Change Your Contracting Process

If you already rely a lot on outsourcing to meet maintenance needs, you might find it’s easier to keep costs manageable by using a job order contracting (JOC) system. It’s a solution often used by many large organizations. Contractors bid for work by multiplying the base price by a selected coefficient. Setting up a JOC is best done with expert help, but after that, you can apply it to virtually all other organizational needs.

Get Executive Support

A final consideration is that you’ll almost certainly find it easier to allocate the money for painting if your organization’s leaders are fully on board and perhaps willing to expand your financial resources. Spend time discussing the matter, and bring up some of the points discussed here to help your commercial painting project move forward. You may need to have multiple conversations to help them understand, but your persistence could pay off.