How To Choose an Exterior Paint Color

Choosing a color for your home may seem like it should be pretty easy. It can be a harder decision than you expect, though, especially if you are trying to make a choice that everyone in the family likes. Your exterior painting contractor can help you find something that will look great on your house by walking you through options that help narrow down your selection.

Look at Other Homes

Start your selection process by looking at the other houses in your neighborhood. This gives you an idea about which colors seem to work best. If your neighbor’s exteriors always seem a little dirty, the color may be one to avoid. Talk to the people who live around you to gauge the pros and cons of the colors they’ve chosen.

Select Type of Paint

The particular type of paint you select automatically limits your color choices to those that are available in that style. Weather patterns in your area indicate the special things you need your paint to do. You may need mildew-repellent options for wetter climates or fade-resistant choices for hot, sunny areas. Talk to your exterior painting contractor about the types that work best where you live.

Use Contractor’s Resources

In addition to doing all the prep work and the painting itself, your contractor probably has resources to help you choose a color. Many painters’ websites include programs that walk you through the selections that they have so that you can pick the one that fits your home and personality. Then the contractor can help you make your final decision.

There are many choices to make when you need an exterior painting job done. One of the most important choices is color. Talk to your contractor about your options and compare notes with other homeowners to ensure that you end up with the color that is best for your home.